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Urban Exhibition

During the Daejeon UCLG World Congress 2022, the Urban Exhibition will be held. UCLG's domestic member cities, international organizations, and institutional exhibitions will serve as an opportunity to effectively promote the assets and projects of Korean local governments to the officials and attendees of local governments around the world.

We would like to ask for your interest and participation.

Urban Exhibition Overview

  • Date Oct. 10(Mon), 2022 - Oct. 14(Fri), 2022
  • Venue Exhibition Hall 111, DCC 1
  • Content - Promote city policies related to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
    - Promote local festivals and events
    - Promote activities and policies of other domestic local governments and organizations, etc.
  • Contact 2022uclgexhibition@ezpmp.co.kr

How to apply to the exhibition

  • There is a uniform type of basic booth.
    Any institution that wishes for building of an independent booth is advised to make inquiry with the PCO.
  • After filling out the booth application form, send an email to the secretariat.
  • Submit to : 2022uclgexhibition@ezpmp.co.kr
  • Required documents : 1 copy of each booth application and business registration certificate