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Tour Information

This is a themed tour where guests can experience Daejeon's excellent scientific and technological resources, ecological nature, culture, and art.

Each tour is operated 1-3 times from October 10-14 and is limited to participation on a first-come, first-served basis.
Only participants who have completed the online pre-registration and payment of the registration fee can apply.
An interpreter will accompany all tours along with shuttle buses to major tourist destinations by theme, and tour materials will be provided to tour participants.

Category Pre-Registration On-site Registration
Application period Until 3 Oct. 2022 10 Oct. - 13 Oct. 2022 until 11:00
Application Category K-POP Concert + Technical Tour 1 course + City Tour 2 course
How to apply Sign-up on the website and apply through the tour
Discovering Daejeon page
*Only participants who have paid the registration fee can apply
Apply at the Tour Information desk
(Fill in the tour reservation application form)
Cancel application Cancellation is possible within the registration schedule
Refundable within the period

* On-site application is possible only when the number of pre-registrations for each course is not met.

* All tours are free of charge.

Tour/Inspection Courses

K-POP Concert

To commemorate the opening of the UCLG CONGRESS WORLD SUMMIT OF LOCAL AND REGIONAL LEADERS, a concert will be held where you can directly meet K-pop stars, the protagonists of the global Hallyu craze. This festival has been prepared by KEB Hana Bank to deliver comfort and hope to citizens around the world who have been exhausted from the COVID pandemic over the past two years.

  • Date & Time 11 Oct. 2022, 19:00-22:00 (planned)
  • Venue Daejeon World Cup Stadium
  • Cast PSY, Im Chang Jung, Davichi, Gummy, PENTAGON, MOMOLAND, BE'O
  • Shuttle Bus
    October 11
    Departure (Daejeon Convention Center(DCC)) → Arrival (Daejeon World Cup Stadium)
    Departure Time
    Daejeon Convention Center(DCC) 18:00

    *Only K-POP Concert applicants can board.

    Departure (Daejeon World Cup Stadium) → Arrival (Hotels)
    Departure Time
    Departure (Daejeon World Cup Stadium)
    Arrival (Hotels in Yuseong area)
    Departure 22:00 (after the concert)
    (Yuseong Hotel, Hotel Interciti, Hotel Ramada,
    Hotel Onoma, Lotte City Hotel)
    Departure (Daejeon World Cup Stadium)
    Arrival (Hotels in Dunsan area)
    Departure 22:00 (after the concert)
    (Graytone Hotel, Hotel HUE, Hotel Onoma, Lotte City Hotel)

    # The above schedule is subject to change.

Research Institute Tour

The Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute and the Korea Aerospace Research Institute, are national research institutes that played a key role in helping Korea establish itself as a global IT powerhouse, and a world-class specialized aerospace institution that mainly studies unmanned vehicles and artificial satellites, respectively. By visiting these two institute, we will learn about the current status and development process of related technologies in Korea.

Future Industry Tour

The Total Hydrogen Cycle Safety Support Center, which is a core of technological competitiveness in the hydrogen industry in Korea, is taking the lead in realizing a zero-carbon society and the Sejong City Integration Center serves as a smart city control tower by providing integrated information on traffic crime prevention and facilities. By visiting these two centers, visitors can learn information on the direction of the new industry in Korea.

  • Date & Time 12 Oct.(Wed) 2022, 13:30-17:30(takes 4 hours)
  • Tour course Leave DCC Hydrogen Total Cycle Safety Support Center Sejong City Integration Center Arrive at DCC

History Culture Tour

Visit Uam Historical Park, built to commemorate the will of Uam Song Si-yeol, who helped Confucianism flourish in the late Joseon Dynasty. Through the Uam Night Tour program, which starts after the sun sets, you will be able to enjoy the beautiful night view reflected in the moonlight.

  • Date & Time 10 Oct.(Mon) 2022, 14:00-17:00(takes 3 hours)
    13 Oct.(Thu) 2022, 19:00-22:00(takes 3 hours) *Dinner included
    14 Oct.(Fri) 2022, 09:00-12:00(takes 3 hours)
  • Tour course Leave DCC Sadang Remains House Namgansa temple Ijikdang Hall Deokporu Arrive at DCC
  • Related sites Uam Historical Park

Traditional Culture Tour

Ppuri Park is the global center of filial piety and the only filial piety theme park in the country. Visit Ppuri Park, a family travel destination recommended by the Korea Tourism Organization, to experience the value of filial piety, a traditional oriental value, and look back on your roots. In addition, at the Korea Institute of HYO Culture Promotion, you will be able to experience Hyo-related culture by wearing traditional Korean attire, learning etiquette, and enjoying the natural environment of Ppuri Park.

  • Date & Time 11 Oct.(Tue) 2022, 09:00-12:00 (takes 3 hours)
    12 Oct.(Wed) 2022, 13:30-17:30 (takes 4 hours)
    13 Oct.(Thu) 2022, 13:30-17:30 (takes 4 hours)
  • Tour course Leave DCC HYO Culture Promotion Ppuri Park Arrive at DCC
  • Related sites Ppuri Park

Modern Culture Tour

This tour will bring you to see the traditional markets of Daejeon, landmarks of Daejeon, and representative modern architectures of Korea. One of Daejeon's landmarks, the 214-meter-long and 13.3-meter-wide LED video arcade structure, Sky Road, will allow you to enjoy various works of art and will be full of cutting-edge technology. In addition, you will be able to see the traces of modernity and traces left in cultural assets by visiting the modern and contemporary history exhibition hall and Temiorae of the former Chungnam Provincial Government Building, a representative modern building built in 1932.

  • Date & Time 12 Oct.(Wed) 2022, 19:00-22:00(takes 3 hours)
  • Tour course Leave DCC Temiorae Daejeon Modern History Exhibition Hall Uineungjeongi Cultural Street Dinner Arrive at DCC

Green Tour - Daecheong Lake Obaengnigill Trail

The Daecheong Lake is the third largest lake in Korea with a reservoir area of 72.8 km2, a length of 80 km, and a volume of 1.5 billion tons. The romantic Obaengnigill Trail includes S-shaped reed field spreads along the lakeside and runs for about 12.5km along the waterfront, and most of the moving section is made of wooden decks, so you can take a comfortable walk. It is about a 40-minute drive from DCC, and you can enjoy the romance of the beautiful lakeside near the city.

  • Date & Time 13 Oct.(Thu) 2022, 09:00-12:00(takes 3 hours)
  • Tour course Leave DCC Meditation Garden Sad Sonata Filming Location Observation Deck Arrive at DCC
  • Related sites Daecheong Lake

Green Tour - O-World

O-World is a comprehensive theme park that the whole family can enjoy together. You can visit O-World, which has been transformed into a science theme park incorporating science, a representative industry of Daejeon, for 20 years since its opening in 2002. Visitors can enjoy the mysterious scenery with cutting-edge lighting and dynamic storytelling. Visitors can experience spaces such as a new concept hologram show, immersive video, musical fountain water show, and interactive games.

  • Date & Time 11 Oct.(Tue) 2022, 13:30-17:30(takes 4 hours)
  • Tour course Leave DCC Flower Land Bird Land Arrive at DCC
  • Related sites O-World

City Center Move

Please note that shuttle buses will run between DCC and nearby major tourist spots during the 2022 Daejeon UCLG Congress to support individual tours of participants.

  • Date & Time 11 Oct. – 13 Oct. 2022
  • Note Circular bus service 5 times a day at 2-hour intervals (10:00, 14:00, 16:00, 19:00, 21:00)
    *Operating hours and stopping places are subject to change.
  • Tour course Leave DCC Hanbat Arboretum Daejeon Art & Culture Complex (Daejeon Arts Center, Daejeon Museum of Art, Daejeon Yeonjeong Korean Traditional Music Center, Daejeon Yeonjeong Korean Traditional Music Center) Dunsan Commercial Area Yurim Park National Science Museum Arrive at DCC
Daejeon Art & Culture Complex

Experience Daejeon's culture and art! The Daejeon Arts Center features a variety of daily performances such as opera, musicals, and dance and the Daejeon Museum of Art is full of works by local artists. The Ungno Lee Art Museum is a place where you can appreciate the works of the world-famous, Daejeon-born artist Goam Ungno Lee and the Daejeon Yeonjeong Korean Traditional Music Center can be seen all in one place.

Viewing time
Yuseong Chrysanthemum Exhibition

In Yurim Park and Oncheon Park in Yuseong-gu, chrysanthemum exhibitions are held and the atmosphere of autumn is presented to visitors. Chrysanthemum displays and sculptures in full bloom in various colors will make you feel the scent of chrysanthemums.

Dunsan Business District

The Dunsan District, located in the west and northern parts of Daejeon, is the new downtown of Daejeon, with a total area of 8.7㎢. The city's convenient facilities such as government offices, broadcasting stations, department stores, banks, art galleries, and arboretums are well equipped, so it is an appropriate place for shopping and feeling the current center of Daejeon.

National Science Museum

As Korea's representative science museum, visited by over 1.5 million visitors annually, you can visit various exhibition halls such as the Future Technology Hall, the Science and Technology Hall, the Humanity Hall, and the Astronomical Observatory. It is an appropriate place to visit with young children as it provides opportunities to experience science through events.

National Science Museum

Voluntary tour

  • Date & Time Voluntary tour/regular operation (refer to operating hours)
  • Tour Venue Hanbat Arboretum, Tashu Experience, Gapcheon Water Sports Experience
Hanbat Arboretum

The Hanbat Arboretum is located in Dunsan Grand Park in the center of Daejeon and is the largest urban arboretum in Korea. It is connected to the Gapcheon and Yudeungcheon streams and the greenbelt of the Daejeon Government Complex. Starting with the opening of West Park in 2005, it was completed in 2011, and features 1,787 species of 24 plants on an artificial hill of that is 371,000m2.
If you want to feel nature-friendly and ecological emotion and sensitivity on a quiet morning walk during the World Congress, we recommend visiting Hanbat Arboretum, which is a 20-minute walk from DCC.

  • How to use Free viewing *Located within a 20-minute walk from DCC
  • Hours of use (Dongwon (East Garden)) 08:00-18:00, closed on Mondays
    (Seowon (West Garden)) 08:00-18:00, closed on Tuesdays
    (Tropical Botanical Garden) 09:00-17:30, closed on Mondays
Tashu experience

Daejeon Metropolitan City is making Daejeon the best green environment transportation city for cycling by spreading the culture of cycling for all citizens for low-carbon green growth. The Tashu public bicycle system features bicycles that can be rented and returned unattended, and there is a well-developed bicycle path near the DCC where the 2022 Daejeon UCLG World Congress will be held. If you take a little time during the World Congress, you will be able to enjoy the nature of Daejeon in harmony with beautiful flowers, trees, and sunny weather.

Gapcheon water sports experience

The Gapcheon Water Sports Experience Center is located between the Expo Bridge and Dunsan Bridge, a 10-minute walk from DCC. Visitors can experience various water leisure equipment such as motorboats, kayaks, pedal boats, and standing boats. Experience applications can only be received on-site, and even beginners can easily use it through the guidance and safety education of safety personnel.

  • Operating items Paddle boat, Leisure kayak, SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard), Motorboat
  • Operating hours 13:00~18:00 (*Subject to change depending on weather conditions)
  • Operating methods Use after booking at the tour information desk(paid service)
  • Fees Pedal boat, leisure kayak, standing boat (1 hour): Adults 5,000 won, Teenagers 4,000 won, Children 3,000 won, Motorboat: 30,000 won
  • Safety education and experiential education 10 minutes of safety education, 5 minutes of experiential education

사진 출처

역사문화탐방 - 우암사적공원

ⓒPhotography(우암야행1 (촬영:강진선), 2021) - 대전광역시청

역사문화탐방 - 우암사적공원-남간정사

ⓒPhotography(가을의 남간정사 (촬영:김진호), 2020) - 대전광역시청 관광마케팅과

전통문화투어 - 뿌리공원

ⓒPhotography(뿌리공원 (촬영:이순덕), 2020) - 대전광역시청 관광마케팅과

근대문화투어 - 스카이로드

ⓒPhotography(축제가 열리는 스카이로드 (촬영:김기화), 2020) - 대전광역시청 대변인실

그린투어-대청호 오백리길 - 대청호

ⓒPhotography(대청호 오백리길 (촬영:진영자), 2020) - 대전광역시청 관광마케팅과

도심무브 - 대전문화예술단지

ⓒPhotography(시립미술관야경 (촬영:임태협), 2020) - 대전광역시청 대변인실

도심무브 - 국립중앙과학관

ⓒPhotography(국립중앙과학관 상설전시관 (촬영:김기화), 2020) - 대전광역시청 관광마케팅과

자율투어 - 한밭수목원

ⓒPhotography(한밭수목원 (촬영:빈정욱), 2020) - 대전광역시청 관광마케팅과

자율투어 - 타슈체험

ⓒPhotography(갑천변, 2020) - 대전광역시청 대변인실

자율투어 - 갑천수상스포츠체험

ⓒPhotography(한여름날의 유혹 (촬영:송윤희), 2020) - 대전광역시청 관광마케팅과